A Quick Guide to Choosing Leather Shoes

Leather is a substance “created through tanning hides and pelts from animals, primarily cows”. Leather boots and shoes are two of the most popular items made from it.

It is difficult to resist leather shoes, no matter if you are a woman or a man. A well-made pair of leather shoes will last many years. Genuine leather is elegant, durable and comfortable Leather Shoes Singapore.

Leather is available in three different types: full grain leather; corrected grain leather; and sued. Full grain leather is natural leather made only from the best of raw materials. This means that the hairs and hide have been removed. There are many forms of leather. Oxfords, or leather shoes for men, are dress shoes. Men’s Oxfords come as a variety of styles.

Oxfords are men’s shoes with a laced up sole and that reach just above the ankle. Blucher’s oxfords open-laced leather shoes are made with the sides of the shoe sewn at the front. Balmoral leather Oxfords are closed laced shoes. The laces are sewn on the sides of the shoe, then they close over the tongue. The shoe appears as though it is made of one piece of leather and has a smooth, clean appearance.

“Saddle oxfords” have a piece made of leather on the bottom that has the shape of a seat.

Another type of oxford footwear, the “kilties”, is fancy with a fringed and leather tongue. It covers the instep of both the shoe and the eyelets.

The “wingtip”, an oxford style that is extremely popular, is the best. This fashionable pair is made up of men’s fashionable footwear. The toe brogueing (or the leather embroidery) looks much like the spreads on a bird’s wings.

The wide range of oxford styles offers men many choices when shopping for business footwear. Some have a separate leather section that can be found on the shoe’s “captoe”, or the toe. Sometimes it is plain leather, while sometimes it is embellished with leather embroidery (also known to be refined as brogueing).

If you are looking for a pair oxfords in genuine leather, then only go with genuine leather shoes. The best choice of color is black, because any black leather oxford type shoe will look great with business attire. The Balmorals black leather close laced Oxfords (the most formal pair of men’s shoes) are the most elegant. Open laced brown or oxblood oxfords are a great choice when paired with lighter suits and sports coats as well as casual wear such a khakis and jeans.