Hardwood Flooring Contractor Questions

The ability of your hardwood flooring contractor and the wood you buy are two large elements that make all of the distinction in the outcome of your hardwood floors undertaking.

Depending for your kingdom, numerous certifications Wood contractor singapore and licenses can be required. In Utah, an S490 license for timber flooring contracting shall we a professional legally deploy hardwoods that are pre-finished or unfinished. They also can sand, stain or finish present hardwood flooring.

To be licensed, an examination is needed and applicants have to have at the least years (in the past 10 years) of complete-time experience.

Insurance in Utah additionally can be required, relying  at the sort of business the contractor has. For example, bond and insurance can be required in addition to widespread legal responsibility, workers’ repayment, and unemployment coverage.

Always ask capability contractors what licenses, insurances and bonds they keep, and get copies of all documents.

Picking the Perfect Contractor for Hardwood Flooring

You additionally want to ensure the contractor has revel in running with the form of floors you’ve selected, and that they’ve a reason for preferring nailing down or gluing hardwood, or a aggregate of the two. Different woods react to bonding otherwise, and the width of the planks and region of the house also make a distinction.

Ask the contractor what technique they think is high-quality. If they don’t already realize what sort of flooring you want, now could be when they have to ask! If you get a canned response like, “I constantly nail down floors,” that is probably a signal that perhaps they’re now not considering all elements of your floor equally, that they take shortcuts or are uneducated on the variations.

Depending on the scale of the project (complete house, single room, and so forth.), you may also need to ask the contractor if it’s satisfactory if you briefly flow out. This is nearly usually important for complete-home tasks.

The follow-up question is, of course, how lengthy will the mission take. You do not want to be displaced for lengthy, and if a pass-out is needed, your project should get precedence and be finished inside a couple of days.

It does not take lengthy to place down wooden floors, however the elimination of existing floors and prep paintings may be labor-in depth. Keep in thoughts that a good contractor will require the flooring to acclimate in your private home ideally up to 1 week before set up to decrease immoderate contracting and expanding publish-set up.


You’re getting ensures and warranties from the wood producer, however your hardwood floors installer additionally should provide a guarantee. Such guarantees are solely for the first-class in their work, not for post-installation scratches and dents that aren’t the fault of the installer.

Guarantees can range significantly, but a commonplace time frame is 365 days from installation. Get all guarantees in writing, signed and dated.

Just like getting to know the first-class hardwood flooring, gaining knowledge of the nice hardwood floors contractors is a should. Check out reviews, meet in man or woman if possible and trust your instincts. “You best stay once, however if you do it right, as soon as is enough,” Mae West famously quipped. The identical common sense have to be implemented for your hardwood floors set up.