How to Choose the Best Xbox Wireless Adapter For Wireless Connection to the Network

Xbox Wireless adapters are used to connect the Xbox console wirelessly to an already existing internet (that connects to broadband internet) to let you to play online games in the convenience of your living room without having to run the cable to the network Wireless site survey.

Wireless networks in homes offer accessibility and convenience. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate having a wireless network at home offers an enormous benefit. When you have an Xbox console, you’ll be able to get a place that is convenient to enjoy online gaming without the hassle of wires. How do you achieve this? You will require an interface that permits users to connect to the existing network by using an radio frequency spectrum. Xbox wireless adapter acts as a bridge which will enable Xbox console Xbox console to connect to the network through the airwave before connecting to the internet in general.

Identify Your Existing Wireless Standard

One of the primary motives for creating an internet-connected network in your the house is to share the broadband internet connection to many computers or other network client, including the Xbox within the family. So, which Xbox wireless adapter is compatible to your network? First, you must determine your current network environment and which wireless technology is used: 802.11 b/g/n or dual band. Dual-band frequencies can refer to Wireless G/A (802.11a/g) or wireless N/A (802.11a/n) standards for networks.

Knowing what standard your current network uses, you will require the adapter that has the same specifications that your existing network. For instance, if you’re using your wireless -G router on your network, you will also require a wireless adapter that supports -G for the Xbox. However , that isn’t always hold true. You can, in essence, connect a wireless-N adapters to the wifi -G networks. But, it is important to determine if the adapter has been marked with the Wi-Fi Certified. If it is labeled Wi-Fi Certified the adapter is guaranteed to work with the standards stated in the label (wireless B/G/N).

Do you choose to purchase an adapter from the same manufacturer to be your router? A Wi-Fi certified label can assure that the device is compatible with any wireless industrial devices. You can also identify the specifications of the manufacturer to determine if the adapter is compatible with an Xbox console. The basic principle behind this Xbox wireless adapter is that it functions as a wireless bridge. It can be used with any type of wireless bridges like the wireless adapter for gaming with Ethernet port to connect to the current wireless network.

Future Upgrade

Perhaps your current wireless broadband network is not suitable for the daily tasks that require higher speeds as well as a reliable connection. You also need a longer distance coverage. You are planning to upgrade in the future with the latest wireless technology that is available today, the wireless n dual-band technology. You’ll need to get the Xbox wireless adapter powered by the most current technology that is available on the market in the present and that’s the 802.11n standard that has dual-band capabilities. With an adapter that is compatible with both draft 802.11n with dual-band tech you will get the best performance when connected to the strongest wireless router, which supports draft 802.11n dual-band, draft 802.11n, and QoS.

Wireless -G Adapter

If your network currently uses the router that supports 802.11 standard and you don’t consider upgrading your network to 802.11n dual-band and dual-band, then you must opt for to use the Xbox wireless adapter which supports 802.11g standard. The adapter that uses 802.11G standard is less expensive than 802.11N.

Microsoft introduces two kinds of Xbox adapters that support 802.11G standards. One that supports dual-band (wireless G/A) and the second is an 802.11G adapter that is compatible with all wireless b/g/n/n networks.

D-Link also launches DWL-G820 and DGL-3420, which operate on 802.11G standards. The DGL-3420 is a dual band (wireless with g/a) version that can reach the maximum speed of 108Mbps when in optimal conditions.

Wireless-N adapter

In addition to the Xbox wireless adapter, which supports 802.11n Standard, Microsoft also introduces the wireless-n version that has dual-band capabilities. The adapter was designed to be lightweight and efficient performance. It runs on Xbox 360 to eliminate adapter clutter. TrendNet also launches a gaming adapter, which is powered by the wireless -n standard. Linksys also introduced the WET610n Linksys Gaming Adapter, which is powered by wireless -n and has dual-band capability too.

If the prices of Xbox wireless adapter models is not that significant and you have the wireless -n that has dual-band technology could be of an enormous benefit. If your existing wireless network is built on wireless-n routers that have dual band, the speed will be the best. But if the current wireless network is built around a wireless -g routers, be sure your wireless -n adapter is backwards compatible with the wireless -g standard.