How To Draw Manga Using Basic Shapes

Manga download scam websites have spread wildy over the internet. There are website generator scripts available that allow users to setup a manga download site with full manga video content in less than a week. These internet pirates take advantage of manga fans need for manga downloads

Its easy to get ripped off, most manga mangago download sites charge an average of $30-$60 to access all of the manga content. And what do you get in these private areas? More often that not you get a lot of links that dont work, old and out dated content and worst of all the customer support is non existent!

Did you know 90% of manga download sites are scams and are simply setup to make quick money from innocent people. So what can you look forward to with the 90% of scam manga download sites?

-Old content and non working links
-slow transfers
-no support
-No refunds

I have tried most manga download sites kissmanga around and have generally had a very bad experience, blowing a lot of cash in the process. Dont get me wrong, not all sites are awful, there are some pretty good manga sites online, but not very many.

So how do you know which manga download sites are safe? There are a lot to choose from, but when looking for your all in one source manga download and movie source you should think about these points-

-Are there any limits
– How quick are the downloads
-(Is there a large amount of content|Is the content letmewatchthis new and updated|Do they have a big content library|Large content database}
-Do they have a customer support team
-money back offer