The Importance of Using Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

We have become vulnerable to severe physical and neurological diseases because of global warming, pollution and stress in our life. Our immunity system has almost broken down. It takes plenty of time for us to heal a trivial wound today. The idea of ‘accelerate our healing system’ had always been an astounding imagination to us. ‘It would be no less than a blessing for people of the world- That was the thought; yearning to make entrance in into our lives through our world’s pioneering minds. And Viola! Hyperbaric chamber came in to existence!

This miracle machine is actually hyperbaric chamber cost to buy a metal chamber which is hard wire to a control panel. This control panel empowers us to adjust the pressure of air inside the chamber to give the person inside, an experience of higher atmospheric pressure than normal environment. Patients inside the chamber are given oxygen masks to breath, and this high atmospheric pressure increases their oxygen intake up to 100%. Breathing more oxygen in simulated environment forces blood cells to reach to the injured area and fix it up faster than they normally do. A few years back people used to believe that, a hyperbaric chamber can only treat wounds and infections caused by-

• Gas gangrene

• Carbon monoxide poisoning

• Crush injury

• Thermal burns

• Compartment syndrome

• Acute traumatic ischemia

But soon, doctors put it in a test to find out its effect on more complicated diseases. Loss of memory and brain function as a result of stroke can be cured by hyperbaric chamber treatment. Also the patients who are suffering from cerebral palsy and diabetics have received positive results from this treatment. Not just that, this mechanical masterpiece has proved to be pretty useful against-

• Exceptional blood loss

• Delayed radiation injury

• Necrotize soft tissue infection

• Autism

• Every form of Neurological Condition