What Is Business and Why Is It Necessary?

Theory of the business

Peter F. Drucker has argued that the “Theory of the business” no longer works. According to him, the basic assumptions of this theory no longer hold any real value. In fact, they don’t even work anymore, if you believe it. But, that isn’t necessarily the end of the story. Let’s explore some of the arguments behind this theory. What are the reasons why it no longer works?

Processes involved in running a business

In running a business, processes are essential for productivity and efficiency. Business processes are a chain of related tasks that must be performed in order to accomplish a specific goal. The steps of a process may be manual or computer-based. The sequence of the process tasks may vary, depending on the business requirements. For instance, a data-and-information handling process may pass through several manual tasks before reaching a final computerbased step.

Core competencies

What is the most effective way to distinguish a company from its competitors? The key to success is to understand the competitive advantages of the company’s core competencies. Essentially, these are its unique skills, processes, or ideas that create a distinct advantage over competitors. This will help you focus your team’s energy and align your investments. Here are the benefits of identifying and developing your company’s core competencies:


Small business owners need to be familiar with taxes. Even if they don’t have employees, they should know how to file and pay these taxes. Small business owners are often required to gather and report supporting information, such as sales and expenses for income tax forms. They also need to know the definitions of various tax terms, including how to claim deductions and credits. Here are some tips for preparing your business’s tax returns.

Legal requirements

The importance of securing legal requirements for business cannot be stressed enough. Failing to do so could cost you your business and your company monetary fines, imprisonment, and even the confiscation of your business assets. Moreover, you must understand that your business is a legal entity, which needs to abide by laws and operate within the itubego set by government. Here are some tips to comply with legal requirements for business:


Profit is the primary outcome of running a business. For most companies, profit is the number one priority, so a positive bottom line is a sign of health. Profits are used for various purposes, from investing to new products and services. Good profits help a business grow and flourish. There are three main types of profit, each of which provides valuable insight to management. To understand each of these types, let’s look at their definitions.