What NOT to Do During an Interview

As an IT recruiter, you’re continually ensuring that a candidate is the right match for a patron. In order to make certain of this, you need to make sure that a candidate is respectful and doing the correct aspect for the duration of the interview. In order to keep away from a possible rejection throughout the activity interviewing system, we poled all of our IT recruiters right here at AVID Technical Resources (one of the main IT staffing businesses in New England) and prepare a few absolute no’s as a way to get you rejected.

Here are a few examples our IT recruiters came up with:

1. Don’t display up late. Whether assembly with IT recruiting companies, or the consumer corporations at once, you must usually arrive on the region approximately 10 mins early. By not arriving on time you’re displaying which you don’t honestly care about the process.

2. Don’t use profanity. By the use of profanity all through an interview, you are displaying your self in an unprofessional light.

3. Don’t wear inappropriate attire. One of our IT recruiters once had a candidate who wore a Red Sox sweatshirt & hat to an interview. Not only do you want to make sure you appearance professional, but what if the interviewer failed to like the Red Sox!

4. Don’t anticipate that sending your resume and cover letter are enough. If you really need to impress the individual in fee of hires, make certain you give them a call and introduce your self. Make certain they have got all of your files and don’t need some thing else. This will show an IT recruiter or that interviewer your initiative and what sort of you need the job.

Five. Don’t forget about to put together answers. An IT recruiter and interviewer from a enterprise will ask about your exceptional reports. You should be capable of tricky on Technical staffing agencies any of them.

6. Don’t say whatever bad about former colleagues/employers. This will display you in a bad light particularly if you preserve talking approximately the challenge be counted. Your consciousness at the negativity of a piece experience will make IT recruiters or an interviewer perceive which you do not take a look at the coolest reports at some point of paintings.

7. Don’t answer questions with quick responses. It suggests that you did no longer put too much thought into your reaction, but at the same time make sure you pause for a few seconds so as not to reply too speedy and deliver a cookie-cutter answer.

8. Don’t answer calls during an interview. Keep your smartphone on silent at some stage in the interview. By picking up a name or answering a text at some point of an interview you are showing disrespect to the interviewer or IT recruiter in addition to showing you are not very interested by the position

9. Don’t ask approximately income, holiday, bonuses and many others. The handiest time that it would be appropriate is once they have shown interest in hiring you or if they bring about it up first. By asking about that, you’re giving the impact which you are deciding on a position based on revenue rather than the real function.