What to look for in an electric fillet knife…

If you’ve ever had to cut up meat, you’ll know that it is hard work and can be painful on your hands. This is where the electric fillet knife comes into play. The electric fillet knife is a fast and efficient way to not only clean your fish but also your ham, turkey, duck, quail or even deer. The advantage of an electric fillet knife is less physical effort is required and it is easier to make cleaner and more precise cuts while keeping the feel of a traditional handheld knife. Because of this, more and more people are turning to the electric fillet knife, especially in situations where there are a lot of small bones that need removal while keeping the optimal amount of meat.

The electric fillet knife consists of a small electric motor which powers a serrated blade that when switched on continuously moves back and forth to provide a sawing action. Most of them, easily fit in your hand, and often have a comfort grip so that you do not lose control when cutting. The blades of the electric fillet knife offer the ideal degree of flex for fast and easy filleting. There is also a variety of blade sizes that you can choose from to help you complete the job. You also have the option to choose between a corded or cordless knife depending on your needs.

All-in-all the electric fillet knife is a tool that almost anybody could find a use for in their home. From cutting up the Thanksgiving turkey to filleting up the weekends catch on the lake, an electric fillet knife is the right tool for the job. I folding knife recommend everyone to at least give them a try.

There are many factors that go into choosing the electric fillet knife that works best with you and your needs. Cleaning fish is the most popular reason for owning an electric fillet knife so we will stick with what to look for based on that. However, a lot of the same needs are true for anything that you are going to be cutting.

The first thing to decide on is if you want a corded or a cordless knife. A cordless option charges before a use or uses battery power to operate the knife. This allows you to take the knife anywhere you are going. If you are going to any remote fishing destinations that are lacking in electrical outlets than this would probably be the choice for you. The downfall of the cordless option however is that once you run out of battery power you are out of luck until you can get more batteries or charge the ones that you have. This is where the corded option has the advantage. If you are always going to be cleaning your fish in areas where you have access to an outlet then this might be the way to go. You can clean for hours without running out of juice. Just be sure that the electric fillet knife that you are looking at has a long enough cord to meet your needs. Or if all else fails you can bring an extension cord.

Once you have decided on a corded or  you then want to make sure that the handle has a comfortable grip that won’t make your hand hurt after cleaning only a few fish. The handles come in all shapes and sizes so pick the right one that fits your hand. One thing to also look for is handles that have proper air vents so that air can circulate freely. This is important for two reasons, one is that keeping the knife cool will ensure that your motor does not get too hot and fry. The other is that if the handle does get too warm from the motor than your hand will also become too warm and that could cause some discomfort. Remember, the knife has to feel comfortable in your hands to ensure that you have a good feel for what you are doing. I can only imagine the chunks of meat coming off of a nice walleye if you can’t control the knife because it isn’t a good fit.